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4 CDs 60 songs (made in JAPAN)

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MY SONG ~Eien No New Music~

A comprehensive collection of Japanese "new music" -- a genre born in the 1970's ~ 1980's. "New music" songs were written by the singers themselves, and they created the style that became known as J-POP.

The timeless appeal of these songs continues to thrill new audiences while bringing back countless memories of fun times for other listeners.

Rock out to hits including, "Akujo" by Miyuki Nakajima, "Olivia wo Kikinagara" by Ami Ozaki, "Nagai Yoru" by Chiharu Matsuyama, "Kokoro no Tabi" by Tulip, "Anohi ni Kaeritai" by Yumi Arai, "Fushigi na Peach Pie" by Maria Takeuchi, "Yume wo Akiramenaide" by Takako Okamura, "Mizuiro no Ame" by Junk Yagami, "Koi no Yokan" by Anzen Chitai, "Tasogare My Love" by Junko Ohashi, and many more!

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Song List
Disk One
1. Kisetsu no Naka de / Matsuyama Chiharu, 1978---Sample
2. Akujo / Nakajima Miyuki, 1988---Sample
3. Moero Iionna / Sera Masanori to Tsuisuto 1979---Sample
4. Marianne / ALFEE 1983---Sample
5. Teenfs Blues / Harada Shinji 1977---Sample
6. Olivia wo Kikinagara / Ozaki Ami 1978---Sample
7. Heya to Y Shatsu to Watashi / Hiramatsu Eri 1992---Sample
8. Daitokai / Kurisutarukingu 1979---Sample
9. Musoubana / Madoka Hiroshi 1978---Sample
10. Wakare / Inaba Akira 1976---Sample
11. Mayonaka no Door ~ Stay With Me~ / Matsubara Miki 1979---Sample
12. Meguriai wa Subete wo Koete / NSP 1982---Sample
13. Christmas Carol no Koroni / Inagaki Junichi 1992---Sample
14. Mouichido Yoru wo Tomete / Sakiya Kenjiro 1987---Sample
15. Nagai Yoru / Matsuyama Chiharu 1981 ---Sample

Disk Two
1. Kokoro no Tabai / Tulip 1973---Sample
2. Hero / Hero ni Naru Toki, Sore wa Ima / Kai Band 1978---Sample
3. Champion / Alice 1978---Sample
4. Rouge no Dengon / Arai Yumi 1975---Sample
5. Wake Up / Zaitsu Kazuo 1980---Sample
6. Kimi no Hitomi wa Ichiman Boruto / Horiuchi Takao 1978---Sample
7. Anna / Kai Band 1979---Sample
8. Saboten no Hana / Tulip 1975---Sample
9. Ano Hi ni Kaeritai / Arai Yumi 1975---Sample
10. Ruby no Yubiwa / Terao Akira 1981---Sample
11. Fuyu no Inazuma / Alice 1977---Sample
12. Niji no Miyako e / Takano Hiroshi 1990---Sample
13. Minato no Yoko - Yokohama - Yokosuka / DTWB 1975---Sample
14. Kimitachi Kiwi Papaya Mango dane / Meiko Nakahara 1984---Sample
15. Niji to Yuki no Ballad / Toi et Moi 1971---Sample

Disk Three
1. Doyoubi no Yoru wa Paradise / EPO 1982---Sample
2. Fushigi na Peach Pie / Takeuchi Mariya 1980---Sample
3. Mou Koi Nante Shinai / Makihara Noriyuki 1992---Sample
4. Yume wo Akiramenaide / Okamura Takako 1983---Sample
5. Yume de Aetara / Yoshida Minako 1976---Sample
6. Kanashimi ga Tomaranai / Anri 1983---Sample
7. Wedding Bell / Sugar 1981---Sample
8. Dona Toki Mo / Makihara Noriyuki 1991---Sample
9. September / Takeuchi Mariya 1979---Sample
10. Down Town / EPO 1975---Sample
11. Ai wa Kagerou / Gamu 1980---Sample
12. Mizu Iro no Ame / Yagami Junko 1978---Sample
13. Matsuwa / Amin 1982---Sample
14. Silent Eve / Karashima Midori 1990---Sample
15. Anata / Kosaka Akiko 1973---Sample

Disk Four
1. Ai no Yokan / Anzen Chitai 1984---Sample
2. Iisso Serenade / Inoue Yousui 1984---Sample
3. Shikuramen no Kaori / Ogura Kei 1975---Sample
4. Silloutte Romance / Ohashi Junko 1981---Sample
5. Omoide ga Ippai / H2O 1983---Sample
6. Kanojo to Tip On Duo / Imai Miki 1988---Sample
7. Goodbye Day / Kisugi Takao 1981---Sample
8. Wine Red no Kokoro / Anzen Chitai 1983---Sample
9. Tasogare My Love / Ohashi Junko 1978---Sample
10. Memai / Ogura Kei 1975---Sample
11. Osaka de Umareta Onna / BORO 1979---Sample
12. Ai wa Katsu / KAN 1990---Sample
13. Wine Color no Tokimeki / Arai Man 1977---Sample
14. Douzo Kono Mama / Maruyama Keiko 1976---Sample
15. I Will / Ueda Chika 1991---Sample

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